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Rethink Food Waste through Economics and Data (ReFED) released a video component to “The Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20%.”

ReFED is a collaboration of over 30 businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and government leaders founded in 2015 to create the roadmap. The ReFED roadmap is a national study and action plan for reducing food waste in the U.S. The roadmap provides twenty-seven cost-effective solutions and strategies to cutting food waste at a large scale.

The roadmap’s solutions for reducing wasted food are in three key areas: prevention, food recovery, and recycling. These solutions promote meeting the goal of a 20% reduction in food waste and could offer benefits of over $100 billion. The ReFED roadmap outlines additional benefits of reducing food waste, such as feeding the hungry, business profits, and environmental protection.

The ReFED roadmap and video depict four paths of actions. These include: new financing to scale proven solutions, common-sense policy change, adopting emerging innovation, and consumer and employee education.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts assists businesses and institutions with reducing wasted through food donation and recycling food scraps. The RecyclingWorks website includes a Food Donation Guidance for businesses and institutions in Massachusetts interested in establishing a Food Donation program. To speak to a recycling expert, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at