RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is able to provide no-cost technical assistance to help businesses and institutions maximize recycling, reuse, and food recovery opportunities. Through this one-on-one technical assistance, RecyclingWorks can help your organization:

  • Evaluate existing waste streams
  • Identify opportunities to prevent, recover, and divert waste
  • Empower employees through education and training
  • Create customized waste bin signage
  • Conduct a cost analysis for starting or expanding a waste diversion program
  • Connect with waste haulers and processors of recyclables and organics

RecyclingWorks technical assistance is flexible and always tailored to meet your specific organization’s needs. We’re here to listen, answer questions and guide your sustainability efforts. RecyclingWorks has helped businesses and institutions across a variety of sectors achieve success. See the following case studies for examples:

We often provide on-site technical assistance for larger organizations and phone or email guidance for smaller organizations. Contact one of our recycling experts to get started today. Call our hotline at (888) 254-5525 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will RecyclingWorks technical assistance cost my organization?
A: RecyclingWorks assistance is available for businesses at no-cost. RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and delivered under contract to MassDEP by the Center for EcoTechnology (CET).

Q: Does RecyclingWorks provide on-site technical assistance? 
We are often able to conduct a site-visit for organizations that generate large amounts of recyclables or organic materials. This includes any businesses or institution subject to the MassDEP Commercial Organics Disposal Ban. For smaller organizations, we are always able to provide technical assistance by phone or email.

Q: What do I need to do to get started with RecyclingWorks technical assistance?
A: Contact one of our recycling experts at (888) 254-5525 or We’ll ask you about your organization, the materials you throw away, and your waste reduction or diversion goals. A RecyclingWorks Environmental Specialist will schedule a site-visit whenever it is most convenient for you. During the site-visit, RecyclingWorks will learn more about your operations and brainstorm potential solutions. After the site-visit, RecyclingWorks will conduct research on your behalf and deliver a report with customized recommendations for your organization.

 Q: Will RecyclingWorks get my business in trouble for not recycling?
A: No, RecyclingWorks is a non-regulatory entity that helps businesses and institutions comply with MassDEP Waste Disposal Bans and reduce the amount of materials going into the trash. We’re here to listen to your needs, answer questions, and help you achieve your goals.

Q: What expertise does RecyclingWorks have?
A: We are experts in reducing waste and maximizing recycling, reuse, and food recovery opportunities. We pride ourselves on being the experts so that you can focus on the important aspects of running your organization.

Q: Will it cost a lot of money to start a recycling or composting program?
A: Waste reduction activities may require a financial investment to implement, but these efforts can help organizations save money over time, improve employee job satisfaction, and respond to customer demands for sustainable practices.

Q: We’re not doing a very good job recycling, will you still help us?
A: RecyclingWorks is ready to meet your business wherever you are right now and help you take the first step in reducing your environmental impact. We strive to provide unbiased, actionable, and realistic recommendations to help your organization maintain compliance with existing disposal bans and achieve any additional waste diversion goals.

Q: We’re already doing a great job recycling, why would we need help?
A: We can help take your organization to the next level and will recommend unique approaches to divert even more waste from disposal.

Q: We already received technical assistance from RecyclingWorks, can you still help us?
A: We know that your business needs will evolve over time. We always try to provide as much assistance as possible during our first visit and will continue to support your organization afterwards. If we cannot conduct an additional site visit, we are always happy to provide assistance over the phone and through email.

Q: What materials can you help us recycle?
A: RecyclingWorks prides itself in being an industry leader when it comes to preventing and diverting a wide range of materials from disposal. In addition to the more commonly recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, and containers, we have expertise in hard-to-recycle materials such as electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, pallets, and construction materials. We also specialize in all forms of food recovery, from reducing food waste and donating surplus food, to recycling food scraps through animal feed, composting, and anaerobic digestion.

Call our hotline (888) 254-5525 or email us at to learn more.