Do you have questions on Waste Ban items? RecyclingWorks can help your business identify these items and establish or improve a program to properly manage them. Have you received a “Failed Load Letter” from your waste hauler or a letter from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection? We can help you figure out what went wrong and get you on your way to solving the problem.

Learn more about RecyclingWorks and how we can assist your business or institution with waste prevention, recycling, reuse, and food recovery opportunities.

Get Help from RecyclingWorks

We have recycling experts on staff to help answer questions from businesses and institutions on a wide range of services and materials. Click here to learn more about RecyclingWorks Technical Assistance and call our hotline at (888) 254-5525 or email to explore assistance opportunities for your organization

Recycling and Waste Bin Signs

Proper waste bin signage provides clear guidance on how to properly sort material and can help improve the quality of materials collected for recycling or composting. Below are a few examples of RecyclingWorks signage for recycling, food scraps, and trash:

For businesses and institutions receiving technical assistance, RecyclingWorks can modify these signs to include your organization’s logo, the materials you encounter on-site, and specifications for materials accepted by your end site. 

Facility Waste Management Plan

A facility waste management plan is a resource that many different businesses and institutions can use to consolidate and communicate information about their waste diversion programs. RecyclingWorks developed a template that you can customize with your facility’s specific information such as a description of different materials you collect, where you collect those materials, and who your staff should contact with any questions about that material.

This plan can be printed and posted in collection areas, kitchens, or employee break rooms, shared online, and used for training. The template also includes a line for an employee signature, acknowledging receipt of the Facility Waste Management Plan during new-hire training or annual training. For businesses and institutions receiving technical assistance, RecyclingWorks is also able to customize this plan to include your logo and facility-specific information.

For more information about signage and training tools, call the RecyclingWorks hotline at (888) 254-5525 or email