Berkshire Bank RecyclesThis “How To” section contains information on the basics of recycling. Explore the following pages to learn how to start or improve  an existing recycling or composting program, learn what materials are recyclable and read our case studies for specific guidance by business sector.

Getting Started: Read our guide and get advice on how to start or improve an existing recycling or composting program.

Hauler Contracting Guidance: Learn how to set up contracts for hauling trash, recyclables, and/or organics, effectively manage these services, and adjust contracts.

Materials Guidance: Read about ten of the most commonly recycled materials, find out where go, how they get processed, and what they become.

Guidance by Business Sector: Explore different business sectors and read case studies about the specific challenges they face when trying to green their practices.

Tips for Waste Reduction at Workplace Events: Learn how to plan for waste reduction, recycling, and food waste diversion at your workplace events.