Buying Recycled Products Benefits the Economy, the Environment, and your Bottom Line.

Printed on recycled paperBuying recycled products is an important step in completing the lifecycle of a recycled item and “closing the loop” on the recycling process. By purchasing products with recycled content you prevent those materials from ending up in a landfill and do your part to maintain consumer demand for recyclables and ensure the continuation of recycling programs.

In recent years it has become much easier to find and purchase recycled materials. Many stores now showcase entire “green” sections or provide a “green” option for every day products. Because of this shift in thinking, it can actually be less expensive to buy recycled products than traditional items.

For businesses who buy items in large quantities, purchasing recycled items can be particularly cost effective. Modern recycled products include almost everything for your business, from office paper and shipping supplies, to construction materials and carpeting.


If you are looking to purchase recycled materials for your home or business, check out the Massachusetts Environmentally Preferable Products and Services Guide.

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