Recycled Bottles, DEP
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Stadiums and venues vary widely in terms of size, function and location, but most have interesting opportunities to divert waste.  In the public spaces, they could have bottle and can recycling opportunities, and they typically have food waste and large volumes of cardboard.

For a list of best management practices for starting or improving a recycling and/or composting program at special events and fairs, see our tips for recycling and composting at special events.


Case Studies:

Blue Man Group:  Food Waste Composting

PDF  Blue Man Group Case Study: Learn how Blue Man Group expanded their recycling system, began food waste diversion and drastically reduced waste disposal costs while meeting internal green initiatives.

Davis Farmland:  Bottle and Can Recycling


Davis Farmland Case Study:  Learn how RecyclingWorks helped Davis Farmland save an estimated $660 in disposal costs by recycling bottles and cans.

Marshfield Fair: Recycling and Composting

PDFMarshfield Fair Case Study: An overview of recycling and on-site composting programs at this annual ten-day event.


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