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As many Massachusetts restaurants, institutions, event venues, and other businesses face temporary closures due to COVID-19, there is a large amount of surplus food that cannot be utilized or sold. To keep this food out of the trash and help support the local community, many of these entities are seeking ways to donate edible food and divert non-edible food for composting, animal feed, or anaerobic digestion. MassLive recently described what a few Western Massachusetts businesses are doing with surplus food.

After the property temporarily closed, MGM Springfield partnered with the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and other local food pantries to donate 12,000 pounds of food, primarily produce and other perishable items, that would otherwise have been discarded. One recipient organization, Open Pantry in Springfield, states that corporate donations from MGM, Stop & Shop, and Costco have allowed them to keep feeding the community in a time of growing need. With additional health precautions in place, Open Pantry is suspending food donations from individual entities and schools, which amplifies the importance of businesses’ donation practices. The food pantry estimates that recent donations will be distributed within a week, serving at least 500 families.

Many food rescue organizations and organics haulers are still accepting material at the time of posting. RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) is available by phone and email, and we can help your organization identify opportunities to donate, compost, and divert food waste from disposal. To speak with an expert, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at