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A recent Zero Waste Zone post describes a new partnership between the U.S. Green Business Council (USGBC) and the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC).

The U.S. Green Business Council administers the LEED certification program which recognizes buildings for their sustainable building design, construction, operations, and maintenance. The U.S. Zero Waste Business Council offers a Zero Waste Business Facility Certification for facilities that meet zero waste principles and divert at least 90% of materials from disposal.

The USGBC has issued a new interpretation of their rules that allows USZWBC certification to be used to document corresponding LEED credits. This alignment between requirements for LEED and Zero Waste certification will allow more facilities to receive certification and be recognition for their sustainability efforts.

RecyclingWorks is currently developing best management practices for building professionals to increase recycling and reuse of construction and demolition (C&D) materials. Through the stakeholder engagement process to develop this guidance, many contractors and architects have spoken about how LEED certification helps motivate recycling of construction materials. Please attend an upcoming Construction Materials Recycling Stakeholder Meeting to share your experience with issues related to diverting construction and demolition materials from disposal.

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