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While food waste in the United States is a systemic problem with massive implications, there are many local organizations across the nation that are developing cutting edge solutions to cut the amount of food that gets landfilled. ReFED, a nonprofit comprised of leaders across all sectors who are dedicated to finding scalable solutions to reducing food waste, recently launched a database of food waste innovators across the United States.

According to ReFED, they intend for the database to serve as “a living compilation of commercial and nonprofit entities turning the food waste problem into an opportunity for economic, social, and environmental impacts.”

The innovations in the database originate from both for-profit and nonprofit organizations and fall into three categories: Prevention, Recovery, and Recycling. The innovations vary significantly, from organizations that use technology to extend the shelf life of foods to companies specializing in anaerobic digestion.

Food Waste Innovations

The map includes a number of entities in Massachusetts, and can be filtered to view entities that specialize in services such as consumer education, supply chain and operation efficiency, and shelf-life extension. For other service providers in Massachusetts, particularly organics haulers, sites that recycle organic material, and food rescue organizations, see the RecyclingWorks Find-A-Recycler database.

ReFED has published other resources in order to catalyze food waste solutions including a U.S. Food Waste Policy Finder and the ReFED Roadmap to Reducing Food Waste.

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