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The Boston Globe recently highlighted the efforts of Spoiler Alert and the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) to rescue surplus food. In September, approximately 11,000 organic eggs were donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. GBFB used Spoiler Alert to send an alert to connect the near-expiration eggs to a Salvation Army community center to be used in their teaching kitchen.

Spoiler Alert, an online platform helps businesses donate their surplus food and organic waste with user-friendly notifications and a tracking system for donors navigating the tax breaks and codes. The nonprofits that receive the food are also able to electronically sign off on the donations. Electronic signatures, metrics for tax purposes, and real-time updates make giving and accepting donations easier. The ability to track the value of donations helps businesses take advantage of tax incentives for donation.

RecyclingWorks also produced Food Donation Guidance to assist businesses and institutions interested in establishing Food Donation programs. The Food Donation Guidance also outlines the date labeling, tax incentives, and liability protections for food service businesses interested in establishing a food donation program.

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