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For participants in the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) and WasteWise programs, annual 2015 data and 2016 goals are due March 31, 2016. Participants in either program must submit their 2015 data and 2016 goals in order to stay active and maintain eligibility to receive awards. Enter data and goals by accessing your account on ReTRAC Connect.

The Food Recovery Challenge is an EPA program to help organizations divert wasted food following the EPA Food Recovery Hierachy.

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WasteWise is a voluntary program – sponsored nationally by the EPA and in Massachusetts by the DEP – designed to help organizations reduce solid waste.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts organizes two WasteWise forums each year. For more information about Massachusetts WasteWise, or if you need assistance with setting up a composting or recycling program, call the RecyclingWorks hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at