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BusinessWest highlighted the 40 anniversary of the Center for EcoTechnology (CET). CET is the nonprofit organization that administers the RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts, a program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. RecyclingWorks has helped hundreds of businesses and institutions, such as restaurants, food manufacturers, state facilities, and colleges and universities, to reduce waste.

CET has worked with Big Y for over 20 years, both directly and through the RecyclingWorks program, to implement recycling and composting at all their stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut. This provides a $3 million annual boost to Big Y’s bottom line, in addition to reducing waste. RecyclingWorks created a Supermarket Case Study for Big Y.

The BusinessWest article also describes the Center for EcoTechnology’s energy efficiency work, as well as EcoBuilding Bargains, the used building material store, which CET operates in Springfield.

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