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An article on the Northstar Recycling blog identifies recycling sources in manufacturing waste streams. Due to the large intake of supplies and parts at manufacturing companies, manufacturing companies end up with materials that should be recycled.

There are many materials that can be recycled after inbound shipments. These materials include slip sheets and corner boards, pallets, Gaylord boxes, strapping, wrapping, and drums, supersacks, and other shipping containers.

In the manufacturing process, there are also opportunities for recycling. For example, ingredient and supply packaging, out of spec. products, overflow and leftover parts, and out of spec. ingredients and parts can often by recycled. In addition, there are recycling opportunities during the packaging and shipping process. All packaging products and leftover packaging materials can be collected and recycled. Overall, manufacturing waste streams offer recycling possibilities and the potential to increase diversion rates.

RecyclingWorks provides guidance for recycling common materials found in manufacturing operations and business. These documents also offer assistance with coming in compliance with the Massachusetts Waste Bans.

RecyclingWorks has assisted a number of manufacturers in Massachusetts with diverting materials from disposal. For assistance with improving the recycling program at your business, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at