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As described by Forbes, Massachusetts-based Ocean Spray is one of the latest brands partnering with TerraCycle to reduce the disposal of single-use materials. Through this partnership, consumers can collect the empty flexible plastic packaging used for Ocean Spray snack products and send these items to TerraCycle for recycling using a pre-paid shipping label.  

Looking beyond recycling, Ocean Spray is also exploring options to offer products in reusable packaging through TerraCycle’s Loop platform. With the goal of a circular economy, the Loop Store sells products from major brands in reusable, returnable packaging, creating a zero-waste shopping experience for consumers.

Ocean Spray’s efforts to reduce and reuse packaging reflect a shift among businesses of all sizes seeking to support recycling and sustainability. During the current pandemic, experts acknowledge that many refillable product options continue to be safe when basic hygiene measures are followed, as noted by Waste Dive earlier this year. Furthermore, current consumer trends demonstrate interest in reusable packaging. As an innovative example to practice reuse, Grainmaker, a fast-casual restaurant in Boston and Somerville, initiated a reusable take-out container program for repeat customers. The Cambridge-based household and personal care products store, Cleenland, has also embraced sustainability by adopting a strategy of offering package-less products and items sold in refillable containers.

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