Reuse ResourcesThe following is a list of additional reuse resources.  Please make sure to connect with your reuse outlet to make sure they will accept what you have before you deliver it.

Materials Exchanges

Materials Exchanges create an interactive relationship between two parties, set up by a facilitator, or an online database. Material descriptions, quantities & locations are provided and the exchange is setup. Some materials are available in an ongoing stream, while others are a one-time only offer. Northeast Reuse Marketplace is one that serves Massachusetts.

The Great Exchange by Devens EcoEfficiency Center, is actively managed by the Devens EcoEfficiency Center. On a regular basis, businesses and institutions work with each other to put “waste” to use. This saves resources for both parties. You may be surprised at the matches that The Great Exchange can facilitate.

Extras for Creative Reuse provides a space and materials to encourage creativity with unique recycled materials.  They have certain standard items that they are looking for all the time, but accept much more than just what is listed on their website.

Local Schools or Daycare Facilities

While this may take a little effort, your local school art classes or daycare centers often take things like scraps of paper, fabric and other materials that you would otherwise dispose. With their limited budgets, they may appreciate your clean scraps that students can use creatively.

The Northeast Recycling Council publishes a list of reuse opportunities.

Other Reuse Resources