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A recent PBS NewsHour story discusses the problem of discarded textiles and highlights the companies that are starting to make changes. Textile recycling has a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions, yet Americans are still throwing away 13 million tons of textiles each year.

Some retailers incentivize customers to recycle their clothing at their stores by providing a discount on new purchases. In addition to incentives, companies, such as Evrnu, are working to turn recycled clothing into renewable fibers. This will make it easier for clothing manufactures to use the recycled clothing. Recovered textiles are also used to create materials such as car carpeting and home insulation.

By connecting discarded textiles with donation outlets, such as Goodwill, even items that cannot be sold can be recycled into new materials. The MassDEP Textile Recovery webpage provides information on resources and regulations that promote textile recovery.

Locate a textile recycler near you using the RecyclingWorks Database.

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