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A Co.Exist post describes the new “Food For All,” app supporting the reduction of wasted food at restaurants. Through the app, customers can purchase discount goods from the restaurants. Currently, 30 Boston restaurants are participating in the pilot release of the app. Restaurants are still able to donate to the food banks, yet the app provides a way for restaurants to also sell the extra prepared food at discount prices. The customer is unable to decide on the type of sandwich or meal, but can purchase a simpler option and for 50%-80% off the regular price. This app is helping to find ways to fill the gap between donated food and food diverted through other methods.

RecyclingWorks also produced Food Donation Guidance to assist businesses and institutions interested in establishing Food Donation programs. Food donation programs, apps such as Food For All, and diverting wasted food all supports the EPA and USDA goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.

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