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Boston College Dining Services collaborated with a student group on campus to create a “trash dinner” comprised entirely of pre-consumer food scraps. The event was designed to encourage students to think about wasted food and creative ways to reduce it.

The menu for the trash dinner incorporated parts of food that are frequently discarded such as sweet potato peels, vegetable ends, kale stems, and Brussels sprouts leaves.

BC Dining has a food waste diversion program in place. The dining halls reduce pre-consumer waste by using LeanPath, a program which helps foodservice operators make efficient purchasing decisions. BC Dining also works with Every Bite Counts, a student organization, to donate surplus food to local shelters and soup kitchens. They compost the remaining post-consumer food scraps.

RecyclingWorks works with colleges and universities to create or improve food waste diversion programs through food donation and composting. For example, we worked with Worcester State University to implement a program to divert 60 tons of food waste annually.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts assists businesses and institutions with recycling and food waste reduction through food donation and composting. To speak to a recycling expert, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at