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A working group led by Keep America Beautiful and the United States Composting Council (USCC) announced new recommendations for organics collection containers. Mimicking the success of equating blue containers with recycling, the group of nonprofit and governmental organizations recommend designating green as the standard color for organic waste bins.

The working group offers a number of reasons why standardizing the color for organics collection containers is crucial. For example, having green as a consistent color for organics will increase recognition of what the container is for which in turn can increase recovery of materials.

Furthermore, being consistent helps to minimize confusion which often leads to contamination. Contamination of organic materials with silverware, plastic, and trash is a common issue for compost site operators. Standardizing the color of bins for food scraps may help reduce confusion and increase organics diversion.

RecyclingWorks works with businesses and institutions to improve recycling and composting programs through clear signage and bin placement. Watch the case study of our partnership with MassArt for an example of how color-coded signage and bins makes it easier to separate materials.

Furthermore, if your business or institution does not have organics collection, consider using the RecyclingWorks Find-a-Recycler tool to find options in your area.

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