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The EPA’s New England Beacon reports on the impact Café de Boston and other restaurants have by joining the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC). This May Café de Boston, joined the FRC. The buffet and prepared foods eatery is on track to divert 30 tons of food waste from the landfill this year.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Challenge encourages participating organizations to improve sustainable food management practices and track their results. Participants of the challenge include hotels, hospitals, cafeterias, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, local governments and food manufactures. The FRC uses tracking methods for food inventories and sets food waste prevention goals which help contribute to the tons of wasted food diverted.

The over 800 participants of the FRC made a significant impact in 2014 by successfully diverting almost 606,000 tons of wasted food. Food waste accounts for 21 percent of the American municipal solid waste stream and based on the 2007 UN Food and Agriculture Organization, is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Consider joining the Food Recovery Challenge to demonstrate your food service operation’s commitment to reducing wasted food and greenhouse gas emissions.

RecyclingWorks is providing assistance to the Café de Boston as they further develop their food waste diversion program.

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