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Seeking new strategies to reduce food waste, many businesses in Massachusetts are leveraging advances in technology that help connect excess food to local outlets. A recent WBUR story spotlights several mobile app and software solutions helping organizations in the Boston area cut their food waste.

The Boston-based restaurant chain Boloco has partnered with Food For All to notify customers when they are selling food at discounted prices. One Boloco location was able to cut their food waste in half after incorporating the app into their operations. Customers also benefit from the app, as they are able to eat cheaper meals and are empowered to help play a role in reducing food waste.

Another technological solution being utilized by Massachusetts businesses is Boston-based Spoiler Alert, an online platform that helps businesses donate their surplus food and organic waste. The system connects food manufacturers and distributors to a network of food banks, food rescue organizations, and discount retailers, so that unsold food inventory doesn’t end up in the trash.

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