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NBC News recently reported on the Food for All mobile app that allows users to buy discounted, leftover food from participating local restaurants. As a result of daily demand fluctuations, restaurants and cafes often find themselves with excess food at the end of the business day. To help prevent this food from going to waste, Food for All offers a digital marketplace for businesses to notify customers when they are selling food at discounted prices.

The app prevents food from being thrown in the trash and increases the likelihood that perfectly edible meals are sold, which helps generate additional revenue for food service establishments. This model enables consumers such as students and low-income residents to purchase discounted items that might otherwise be thrown away. Restaurants can also opt to donate a certain number of meals to one of the food rescue organizations registered with Food for All. Founded in Boston in 2017, Food for All has helped over 200 restaurants from Boston and New York to divert more than 100,000 pounds of food from disposal since its inception.

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