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The Falmouth Enterprise reported on the Barnstable County Food Waste Subcommittee’s efforts to increase food waste composting on the Cape. The committee, formed in response to the Commercial Organics Waste Ban which took effect in October of 2014, is trying to increase the number of compost sites that accept food waste. Currently, there are two compost sites near Falmouth (Compost With Me and Watts Family Farm) but none at the other end of the Cape.

Businesses that generate more than one ton of organic waste per week are subject to the Commercial Organics Waste Ban. Lorenzo Macaluso of RecyclingWorks notes that it is often cost neutral or a modest cost savings for these businesses to divert food waste. Most businesses on the Cape are small and do not generate enough waste to be subject to the ban. However, some smaller businesses already choose to source-separate. If there were more compost sites and hauling services for food waste available on the Cape, this could be cost-effective for more businesses.

Falmouth Enterprise

RecyclingWorks provides free assistance to businesses and institutions to develop or improve recycling, reuse, and composting programs. Compost facilities that manage food waste may be eligible for no-cost compost site Technical Assistance. On March 15, 2016, RecyclingWorks is also hosting a Compost Workshop for operators of existing or potential compost sites. To learn more, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at