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Biocycle Magazine published a forecast for food waste trends in 2016 written by Andrew Shakman of LeanPath.

Last year the conversation about wasted food moved into the mainstream with top chefs and the media covering food waste topics. In a significant milestone, the USDA and EPA announced the goal of reducing food waste in the US by 50% by 2030.

Shakman’s forecast for 2016 includes 17 trends. Some highlights include:

  • Data: More baseline data will be needed both to measure food waste reduction.
  • Standards: The World Resources Institute Food Loss & Waste Protocol, a new global standard for waste management, will be available soon.
  • National Waste Strategy: Following the USDA and EPA’s waste reduction goal, the US needs a strategy to cut food waste.
  • Food Recovery: The focus on connecting surplus food to those that need it will continue to grow.

Read the full article for the complete list.

food waste forecast

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