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The Williamstown COOL Committee, the town’s environmental group, launched a successful food waste diversion initiative as a part of their work plan for 2018. The COOL Committee collaborated with RecyclingWorks in assisting local businesses and institutions to begin composting their food scraps.

Williamstown is currently home to more than 30 small-scale businesses that are collectively producing more than 70 tons of organic waste per year. Select businesses have been working with TAM Waste and Recycling to compost their food scraps, but the COOL Committee enrolled RecyclingWorks to further promote the initiative.

Collectively the two groups facilitated the implementation of a composting program in more than half a dozen local restaurants and markets, including Mezze Bistro and Bar, a contemporary bistro-style restaurant housed in an historic 19th century building. They also engaged the Williams Inn, currently under construction, who now plans to begin composting following building completion.

The initiative has also generated progress with local schools, including Mount Greylock Regional High School who recently began diverting their food waste this August, and Pine Cobble School, a co-ed private day school, who plans to enhance their current composting program.

RecyclingWorks staff estimates that through this collaboration, the town is now projected to compost 25 tons of food waste in the next year. This model serves as an excellent example of how local environmental groups can cooperate with RecyclingWorks to increase food scraps diversion in cities and towns throughout Massachusetts.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts assists businesses and institutions with recycling and diverting waste food from disposal. To speak to a recycling expert on how you can begin a food waste diversion initiative, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at