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Decreasing the volume of wasted food from foodservice operations reduces the overall cost of operations and increases efficiency. In 2018, RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) began conducting interviews with food waste prevention technology companies to quantify their collective impact in Massachusetts. RecyclingWorks follows up with these companies annually to request an update on customer base and additional food waste prevented over the course of the previous year. All customer and diversion data are self-reported.  

In the spring of 2022, RecyclingWorks interviewed five companies about activity during 2021. Collectively these companies:

  • Worked with nearly 450 commercial customers in Massachusetts
  • Prevented an additional 437 tons of food waste in 2021
  • Contributed to preventing more than 6,000 tons of food waste since 2018

The one-year food waste prevention more than doubled when compared to 2020 activity. The rebound in diversion activity during 2021 likely reflects a return-to-normal operational level for many restaurants and institutional food service operations. A few additional details to note:

  • Two companies shared data that were not included in previous years
  • One company that shared data in previous years is no longer in operation
  • One company declined to share updates and 2020 data was applied

If your business is looking for new ways to prevent food waste, check out the RecyclingWorks food waste source reduction guidance. Many of these prevention strategies are simple, cost-effective, and provide environmental benefits. Contact us to learn more and request free technical assistance: (888) 254-5525 or

Date Reported

Total MA Commercial Customers

New Annual Food Waste Prevented

Total Annual Food Waste Prevented (Cumulative Since 2018)

Companies Reflected in Data

2018 (all time)

145 customers




2019 (1 year)

154 customers




2020 (1 year)

296 customers




2021 (1 year)

447 customers




Total Food Waste Prevented (All Time):

6,219 tons to date