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A recent article in E&E Publishing describes how new laws, like Massachusetts’ Commercial Food Waste Ban, are helping to increase the portion of surplus food that is donated to charity. While a large portion of food diverted from the waste stream is composted, many organizations are helping connect food producers to food banks. In the Boston area, Food for Free collects food donations and distributes them to food programs throughout the metropolitan area. Lorenzo Macaluso, of RecyclingWorks, comments that “Feeding hungry people is certainly a much higher beneficial use for food from supermarkets, colleges and universities.”

Fears of liability when donating food are unfounded. The 1996 Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects a person who donates a food or product to a nonprofit organization in good faith from liability. In addition, C Corporations qualify for a permanent enhanced tax deduction for donating food.

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