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This article from EPR Retail News highlights The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC and its announcement of the groundbreaking for its first anaerobic digester that will be installed at its Distribution Center in Freetown, MA. The anaerobic digester will process unsold food from stores that is not able to be donated to regional food banks or diverted to composting, and will play a large role in helping the company reach its 2020 zero waste goal. Once operational, the anaerobic digester will produce 1.25 MW of base load electricity, which will offset 40 percent of the Freetown Distribution Center’s energy use. The anaerobic digester is expected to be fully operational by the first quarter of 2016. The article also details Stop & Shop’s “Meat the Needs Program”—a food donation initiative that involves distributing meat that has been frozen prior to its sell-by date to regional food banks. Since implementing the program, Stop and Shop has donated 716,624 pounds of meat.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts lists anaerobic digestion facilities and other processors of organic material on its “Find-A-Recycler” database. For more information on anaerobic digestion and other food waste diversion initiatives, call RecyclingWorks at 888-254-5525 or email today!