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Resinate is a vertically integrated cannabis cultivator, based in Worcester, that operates dispensaries throughout western and central Massachusetts. Recently, the company contacted RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) for support with recycling at their 50,000 square foot facility in Douglas. Since an initial site visit with RecyclingWorks staff, Resinate has established a comprehensive recycling program that can serve as a model for other businesses.

As a first step, Resinate conducted a facility-wide survey to identify the placement of existing trash, single stream recycling, and organics collection bins. To support this effort, the business created a spreadsheet to inventory the type of bins in every area of the facility and identify needs for additional receptacles and signage. RecyclingWorks adapted Resinate’s example into this downloadable inventory spreadsheet that your organization can utilize to identify what equipment or signage is needed for different locations in the facility. 

Using the inventory spreadsheet, Resinate ensured that each area of the facility contained clearly labeled trash and recycling bins. Where possible, bins were placed together and color coded: black for trash and blue for single stream recycling. In addition to collection bins, exterior dumpsters were also labeled using signage provided by RecyclingWorks. In flexible work spaces where various operational configurations may be utilized, the organization developed guidelines for bin locations based on the possible layouts.

Staff engagement has been crucial as Resinate streamlines its recycling program. An employee green team provided training on new program procedures, educating their coworkers about what goes in the recycling bin using Recycle Smart MA guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. This information will be shared with new hires during training. Individuals responsible for emptying bins within the facility were provided additional training and personal protective equipment, and are now empowered to help monitor and remove bin contamination as they transport materials to the dumpsters. When contamination is observed in the recycling, the green team will share additional reminders with employees about the problem materials that should be kept out of the recycling bin. Through these efforts, Resinate has created a culture of waste diversion across the organization that engages all staff in the program.

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