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RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is a no-cost recycling assistance program designed to help businesses and institutions maximize recycling, reuse, and composting opportunities across the state. Since the program’s launch one year ago, RecyclingWorks has assisted 185 businesses across Massachusetts with waste reduction activities like recycling and composting.

“RecyclingWorks is already having a significant impact across the state,” said Lorenzo Macaluso from the Center for EcoTechnology, “Our experts have worked with businesses of all sizes across many sectors. We understand the specific challenges that come along with waste reduction for businesses in Massachusetts and this service helps businesses stay focused on doing business while improving environmental performance.”

In January, RecyclingWorks launched a state-wide hotline service that serves as the gateway for businesses to get technical assistance through the program. The website, contains resources on the Massachusetts waste bans, recycled materials, and events and workshops in the community. It also features a searchable database that identifies local recycling haulers and processors. Through the website and the hotline, RecyclingWorks has helped businesses comply with waste bans, save money on disposal costs, decrease environmental impact, and respond to customer and employee interests in sustainable practices.

“The RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts program delivers invaluable help to Massachusetts businesses and institutions to help them launch new and improved recycling and composting programs, enabling them to realize the economic and environmental benefits of recycling,” said Kenneth Kimmell, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

In spring 2012, the Lord Jeffery Inn of Amherst contacted the RecyclingWorks hotline seeking assistance to manage their waste streams in preparation for a post-renovation opening. RecyclingWorks experts worked with the hotel and area haulers to determine the services that best fit their needs and provided logistical guidance in how best to recycle throughout the hotel. The Lord Jeffery Inn established a food waste composting program for events and the restaurant, and implemented a comprehensive recycling program for the entire facility, including guest room recycling. RecyclingWorks provided hotel staff training and customized program signs. On average, the Lord Jeffery Inn composts and recycles about 1.5 tons of materials per week, which equates to more than 65 percent of its entire wastestream.

McGovern’s on the Water, a wedding and banquet facility in Fall River, contacted RecyclingWorks to inquire about cardboard recycling options. A previous recycling program had failed, but they were interested in trying again. The RecyclingWorks specialist suggested they contact their waste hauler to inquire if there were any new services available. The hauler provided a revised service plan and added a cardboard container. The new recycling program now captures 10 yards of cardboard per week and has reduced the waste stream by 50 percent.

In response to customer feedback noting a lack of recycling, Davis Farmland, a children’s adventure park in Sterling, contacted the RecyclingWorks hotline for assistance. They needed to start a bottles-and-cans recycling program in the park and RecyclingWorks provided recommendations for working with their waste and recycling hauler. One phone call was all it took to get a new recycling container delivered to the site. It was immediately filled and the program was underway. The program has already diverted 100 cubic yards of bottles and cans from in just the first season.

In the spring of 2012, RecyclingWorks hosted the Massachusetts College and University Recycling Council organics diversion workshop at Clark University in Worcester. One of the attendees of the event was Assumption College’s dining service contractor, Sodexo. As a result of the workshop, Sodexo at Assumption contacted their hauler about recycling and composting services and then contacted RecyclingWorks for assistance with employee training and signage. The enhanced single-stream recycling program and food waste diversion program is estimated to divert two tons of material per week from the college’s trash.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is funded by MassDEP and delivered under contract by the Center for EcoTechnology. For more information on how RecyclingWorks can assist your business, please visit our website at, or, call our hotline to speak to one of our in-house experts. Call (888) 254-5525 or email today.