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Learn more about the RecyclingWorks program with this article and interview from WAMC Northeast Public Radio.  Greg Cooper from Mass DEP and Lorenzo Macaluso from the Center for Ecotechnology discuss waste management challenges and opportunities for Massachusetts businesses.

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Massachusetts Begins New Recycling Program For Businesses


The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection earlier this month launched the “RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts” program. RecyclingWorks provides businesses and institutions with information and assistance with disposing waste properly and encourages recycling.

Greg Cooper from the Mass DEP says that the program is designed to help business reach sustainability goals, but also help their bottom line.

The DEP is partnering with the Center for EcoTechnology, based in Northampton and Pittsfield to carry out the RecyclingWorks programs. The Center for EcoTechnology will provide hotline and email services and a website to the commercial sector as resources on ways to connect businesses with local recycling service providers, and information on how to dispose of waste properly.

Lorenzo Macaluso of the Center for EcoTechnology says that one of the biggest problems for businesses is disposing of organic food waste.

Hospitals, Universities, supermarkets, and hotels are all large producers of food waste.

Macaluso also says that through the RecylcingWorks hotline, the Center for EcoTechnology will be able to provide specialists to assess individual businesses’ disposal needs.

The DEP is funding the RecyclingWorks program with money earned from a program started in 2008’s Green Communities Act. Greg Cooper of the Mass DEP explains…

Lorenzo Macaluso of the Center for EcoTechnology hopes that businesses with sustainable recycling programs will receive support from their customers.

50% of all refuse in Massachusetts comes from commercial enterprises. More information on the program can be found at