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RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) publishes an annual report that details the impacts of our outreach, technical assistance, hotline, presentations, resources, and more. We recently published the annual report for Fiscal Year 2022. Key successes included:

  • Approximately 1,500 tons of material diverted from disposal, contributing to an overall cumulative program impact of nearly 250,000 tons of material diverted since 2013
  • 1,458 total phone and email hotline inquiries
  • In-person or virtual technical assistance (TA) provided to 115 businesses
  • Compost site technical assistance provided to 2 operations
  • Over 104,000 website visits to
  • 20 speaking engagements/events, reaching 1,286 attendees
  • New case study and instructional video about construction and demolition material recycling featuring Structure Tone
  • Example signage for recycling, trash, and organics available in Spanish and dual Spanish-English (available on our Get Help page)

RecyclingWorks continued to leverage its network and assistance resources to make connections among recyclers, donation agencies, reuse centers, food processors, and the businesses and institutions motivated to recover and divert their waste. With this support and assistance, Massachusetts businesses and institutions continued to make important progress at reducing waste. Common program improvements included:

  • creating clear waste bin signage to encourage clean recycling streams,
  • donating truckloads of prepared foods for food rescue,
  • composting food scraps,
  • recycling materials from construction and demolition projects, and
  • delivering used mattresses to recyclers to recover their useful components.

View the full report and contact RecyclingWorks to learn more.

RecyclingWorks is proud to support businesses and institutions that are striving to improve their recycling and waste reduction programs. We also recognize that our waste diversion impact is made possible by the service providers that specialize in reducing, reusing, donating, recycling, composting, and digesting our material streams.