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The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) is continuing to offer low-interest loans to help businesses across the state obtain capital for recycling-related activities. The funding is intended to accelerate the growth of recycling infrastructure and markets throughout Massachusetts.

Eligible business activities include:

  • Collecting or separating recyclable materials for resale.
  • Reuse, processing, composting, or converting of recyclable materials into marketable products.
  • Manufacturing products that use recycled materials.
  • Wholesaling or retailing of recycled feedstocks or products containing a significant percentage of recycled materials.

Preferred terms are available for:

  • Composting, anaerobic digestion, or other facilities that divert food waste from disposal.
  • Businesses such as food processors that generate food waste and are seeking to invest in on-site food waste composting or digestion operations.
  • Businesses that target mattresses, plastics (film or bulky rigid), glass (container, plate or windshield), and construction and demolition materials (excluding preparing materials for landfill-related uses).

Loan amounts range from $50,000 to $500,000 for recyclers, or up to $1.5 million for anaerobic digestion projects. The loans, administered by BDC Capital, may be used for permanent working capital, refinancing and real estate, machinery and equipment, or acquisition financing. There is no application deadline, so a business can apply for a loan at any time during the year.

Please visit the Massachusetts Recycling Loan Fund page for more information.

The Massachusetts Recycling Loan Fund has issued 74 loans, totaling over $16 million, in the past 20 years. The fund has assisted 54 businesses, including anaerobic digestion facilities, a composting facility, a converter of recycled paper, an electronics recycler, a scrap metal recycler, a recycling hauler, and more.

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