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Raytheon is a technology company headquartered in Waltham that specializes in solutions for cybersecurity, defense, and civil government. The company is striving to achieve a 90% diversion rate and TRUE Zero Waste certification at their sites across the country, including a manufacturing facility in Tewksbury. This effort involves taking a closer look at opportunities to improve source reduction, reuse, and recycling systems. Environment + Energy Leader recently reported on the company’s increase in waste diversion practices in its facilities.

Raytheon is prioritizing source reduction and reuse of materials whenever possible. These efforts include working with suppliers to reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging the company receives, as well as developing internal systems to reuse shipping materials, pallets, and shop rags. Raytheon participates in a takeback recycling program for nitrile gloves and is also evaluating its existing signage and placement of bins to reduce contamination in recycling streams. Many Raytheon facilities have composting programs for employee food scraps.

To ensure that all waste diversion programs are effective and sustainable over time, Raytheon developed a zero waste team with employees from different facilities to streamline communication and share ideas. The team and management also have examined their waste contracts and frequency of collection, after realizing they were charged a flat rate for trash pickup, even when the container was only partially full.

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