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On the surface a beloved diner and a commercial construction manager might not have much in common. But the reality is that every business can benefit from new or improved waste handling practices. RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) excited to present two recent case studies that showcase environmentally responsible and community supported waste management programs: Johnny’s Luncheonette in Newton and Structure Tone in Boston.

Johnny’s Luncheonette has been around for 25 years and is a staple in the Newton community. The restaurant reached out to RecyclingWorks for assistance to improve single stream recycling and implement a program to divert food waste from disposal. This diner enthusiastically worked with RecyclingWorks to create multi-lingual signage to help staff better sort acceptable and non-acceptable items for food scraps and recycling receptacles. Johnny’s developed a food waste separation program and the food scraps are now composted, providing nutrients back into the soil. Johnny’s Luncheonette collects and diverts 600-700 pounds of food scraps per week from disposal. Additionally, the diner is making strides in community education and is even including sustainability facts on their children’s placemats.

In Boston, construction manager Structure Tone looked for ways to best separate and keep construction and demolition materials from going for disposal. The contractor utilized different methods to achieve their goals including staff training, close coordination with their recycling hauler, and creative on-site material collection strategies. This case study includes links to example waste management plans like those utilized by Structure Tone. Overall, their efforts resulted in the collection of about 7 tons of gypsum wallboard, cardboard, and metal studs for recycling!

No matter the volume or type of material your business or institution is looking for assistance with, RecyclingWorks is here to help develop new strategies, train staff, and explore possible options to save money while reducing carbon emissions. These case studies serve as a great example of what can be done when a business is dedicated to making waste reduction changes!

View the full Johnny’s Luncheonette and Structure Tone case studies to learn more about these inspirational stories.

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