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Waste 360 recently reported on data from LeanPath that identifies overproduction as the primary cause of waste in foodservice operations. While trim waste and spoilage also contribute to this problem, simply preparing too much food is the single biggest reason that foodservice establishments waste food. New tools and technologies are helping foodservice establishments reduce overproduction, saving money and reducing wasted food in the process.

Food establishments often prepare extra food to avoid running out of an item which could leave customers disappointed. The amount of food that is wasted from this overproduction can be difficult for foodservice staff to quantify without assistance.

LeanPath is a foodservice technology company that helps businesses track and reduce this waste. The company utilizes cameras, scales, touchscreen devices, and digital signage to help foodservice staff precisely track everything that goes into the waste, compost, and donation streams. For example, RecyclingWorks previously highlighted the University of Massachusetts Amherst which uses the LeanPath technology.

Armed with accurate data about the food waste resulting from overproduction, foodservice organizations can modify their procedures to increase efficiency. Staff can reduce food waste at the source by accurately forecasting the amount of food they will need to prepare, based on historical demand. LeanPath’s digital signage system also allows businesses to display real-time data, empowering employees and customers to become part of the solution.

In addition to tackling overproduction, kitchen staff should also be trained to utilize proper food preparation techniques that reduce trim waste. Many businesses also cut down on unnecessary waste by finding creative ways to incorporate imperfect produce and excess ingredients into their dishes.

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