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grocery store

In a recent article, WBUR reports that a new non-profit grocery store has opened in Dorchester, aiming to reduce food waste by selling aging and surplus food at a steep discount. The Daily Table collects food donations from supermarkets and sells them for extremely low prices, such as “canned vegetables two for $1, a dozen eggs for 99 cents, and potatoes at 49 cents a pound.” The store has met with an enthusiastic response from many customers who are excited to find such deals in Boston, and don’t seem to mind buying food with a shorter shelf life. The store was founded by Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s. He was frustrated by the amount of nutritious food that went into dumpsters at Trader Joe’s just because it was close to its expiration date, while millions of people are in need of food. If this model is successful, Rauch plans to expand these stores nationwide.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is a resource to help businesses find ways to donate food. If you are interested in food waste diversion and need assistance, call the RecyclingWorks hotline: (888) 254-5525  or visit our website.