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The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) exhibits contemporary visual and performing arts in a converted factory complex located in North Adams. The museum complex includes a brewery, two restaurants, a publisher, gallery spaces, and several offices. Throughout the year, MASS MoCA holds multiple concerts and music festivals, which help the museum draw in more than 200,000 guests annually. MASS MoCA contacted RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) in July, 2017 to discuss ways to improve recycling and composting at the facility.

RecyclingWorks assisted MASS MoCA in evaluating its current waste streams to identify opportunities to increase diversion and reduce contamination. Key recommendations to improve the already robust recycling program included pairing all trash cans with recycling bins in public areas, adding new signage, and reinforcing best practices with staff. The museum added additional recycling bins throughout the complex and posted updated signage to guide staff, visitors, and vendors. Managers conducted a thorough outreach and training program for staff, focusing on the appropriate source separation of materials for recycling. Through their efforts, MASS MoCA is now diverting an additional four tons of mixed bottles and cans, plastics, and glass, as well as four tons of corrugated cardboard annually. MASS MoCA also recently implemented a food waste diversion program to collect post-consumer food waste from music festivals for composting.

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