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Image courtesy of Spoiler Alert.
Image from Spoiler Alert.

This blog post from Spoiler Alert, a company based in Cambridge (MA) that has an “app” for connecting generators of surplus food to food recovery organizations, provides a visualization of food waste generation throughout the state and within the Boston metropolitan region. Staff at Spoiler Alert utilized publicly available food waste generation data from the state of Massachusetts to develop images showing the major sources of food waste throughout the state. The purpose of this process was to provide a graphic representation of the scale of food waste in Massachusetts, as well as the potential for food donation and food recovery. The post includes a statistic from Feeding America stating that there are nearly 790,000 food insecure people in Massachusetts, or 11.9% of the state population.

On Thursday, April 9, and Wednesday, April 29, RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts will be hosting stakeholder engagement meetings to develop best management practices for the safe and effective collection of food for donation. Anyone interested in attending should contact RecyclingWorks by email or by calling (888) 254-5525.