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A recent Waste 360 article examines the challenges and opportunities associated with offices establishing recycling programs. Waste 360 interviewed Lorenzo Macaluso, an employee for the Center for EcoTechnology who administers the RecyclingWorks in MA program, regarding the management of office waste and steps to improve it.

One challenge for offices, Macaluso notes, is finding the people who make decisions about waste. Office buildings are often owned by large property management groups that are located in another state and not involved in day-to-day decisions. Therefore, making the connection between the property manager and the waste hauler is crucial to a recycling program’s success.

The article also mentions that there has been a “flurry of activity” with growing numbers of businesses embracing recycling. Macaluso comments that he sees higher interest in recycling now due to various factors such as heightened employee engagement and mandates from shareholders.

The RecyclingWorks website includes resources for offices to meet their recycling needs for materials such as paper, cardboard, document shredding, containers, and food waste. The page also includes case studies of offices that RecyclingWorks has worked with to develop successful office recycling and composting programs.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is a recycling assistance program for businesses and institutions. If you would like assistance diverting a material from disposal, call our hotline at (888) 254-5525 or email