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Saus is a locally-owned eatery on Union Street in Boston, specializing in preparing inspired dishes from scratch. The restaurant serves a constantly changing menu, but prides itself on one regular staple: hand-cut fries complemented by 15 unique sauces, as well as homemade mayo, ketchup, hot sauce, and gravy. Saus was recognized by Boston Magazine, receiving the “Best Fries” award three years in a row.

The restaurant manager reached out to the RecyclingWorks hotline in 2016 when he was tasked with finding new options for reducing the amount of food waste generated by the restaurant. RecyclingWorks on-site technical assistance helped the restaurant evaluate all of their existing waste, with an eye towards preventing and diverting food waste.

After taking a close look at their food scraps, Saus made a simple switch to stop using an automatic potato peeler and begin serving the award-winning fries with the potato skins rather than throwing them away.

RecyclingWorks staff assisted Saus with rolling out a program to collect the remaining food scraps for composting. CERO, an organics hauler based out of Dorchester, picks up food scraps weekly and delivers them to a compost site in Needham.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts provides technical assistance to Massachusetts businesses and institutions with food waste reduction and recovery. Available resources include recommendations for source separation, tips for working with your hauler, and specific guidance for restaurants. To speak to a recycling and food recovery expert, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at