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Judd Wire is a manufacturing facility in Turners Falls that produces electronic wire and cable for the aerospace and automotive industries. The company generates a wide range of waste, including single stream materials, film plastic, thermoplastic polymers, copper, and various metal compounds. Judd Wire reached out to RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts (RecyclingWorks) to request technical assistance with increasing their diversion of these materials.

RecyclingWorks staff visited the facility, conducting an analysis of Judd Wire’s waste streams and identifying opportunities for improvement. Judd Wire recycled excess metal and several types of plastic from their manufacturing operation with Fortune Metal Inc. The organization also collects single stream materials and cardboard around the facility. After receiving technical assistance, Judd Wire staff made notable improvements to their recycling program by installing additional single stream collection bins, refining signage that specifies the accepted materials for each collection bin, and establishing an ongoing training program for staff. Judd Wire also began expanding their recycling program to include additional waste streams such as film plastics, polypropylene, wood, and fiber drums.

Through these efforts, Judd Wire was able to increase their annual waste diversion to include an additional 3 tons of cardboard, 2 tons of film plastic, and 1 ton of single stream materials.

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