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Hampton Farms is a large nut producer and manufacturer operating a 130,000 square foot facility in Springfield with 42 full time staff. The company markets a variety of peanut products from raw in-shell peanuts to nut butters and is expanding its operations in nut processing.

Hampton Farms is operating a recycling program for baled cardboard, baled Super Sacks packaging, and loose shrink wrap, as well as a food scraps diversion program with a local zoo. RecyclingWorks met with Hampton Farms in January 2019 to discuss strategies for recycling plastic containers and to identify opportunities to maximize diversion of other recyclable materials.

During the visit, RecyclingWorks provided recommendations and signage for Hampton Farms to expand the collection of single stream materials such as paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass. RecyclingWorks also facilitated conversations with their hauler that resulted in the collection of #1 plastic containers with the other recyclable materials. Through the collaboration, Hampton Farms has begun diverting 9 tons of single stream materials from disposal annually.

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