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Gould Farm is a residential community nestled in the Berkshires that promotes recovery for people with mental health and related challenges through meaningful work, community living, and clinical care. The farm recently received Compost Site Technical Assistance from RecyclingWorks to help in manage their manure and food scraps.

RecyclingWorks provided onsite assistance to assess their current composting operations and create an operational checklist for Best Management Practices. As a result, Gould Farm was able to divert food materials from their kitchen, cafeteria, and bakery to a mobile chicken feed station to offset feed costs and incorporate residuals with their manure composting.

Gould Farm Chickens
Chickens eating fresh food scraps.


With a target food scrap feed rate of 2 lbs per bird per day, Gould Farm reports successful program implementation and some very happy chickens!

RecyclingWorks provides free assistance to businesses and institutions to develop or improve recycling, reuse, and composting programs. Compost facilities that manage food waste may be eligible for no-cost compost site Technical Assistance. To learn more, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at