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A recent Waste Dive article discusses the growth of the food recovery marketplace in Massachusetts, including expansion in tons of diverted food waste, quantity of customers served by organics waste haulers, and number of end-sites available for processing food waste.  This article was based on a presentation by MassDEP at its Organics Subcommittee meeting held on December 7, 2017.

Since the implementation of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Commercial Food Waste Disposal Ban in 2014, haulers report providing organics services to more than 50 percent more commercial customers, increasing from 1,350 to 2,100. In addition, more entities are donating surplus food to food rescue organizations. Many businesses have taken advantage of free technical assistance offered through the MassDEP RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts program to start new food recovery programs. These efforts helped divert more than 260,000 tons of food material from disposal in 2016.

As landfill capacity diminishes across the state, an increasing number of permitted compost facilities, anaerobic digesters, and depackaging facilities are coming online. The state now has a total of 45 sites accepting diverted food material, and a number of new anaerobic digesters in various stages of permitting and construction.

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