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The 4th Annual Massachusetts Sustainable Business Awards, hosted by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN), announced the organization’s 2018 sustainable business winners. The awards are given to leading independent businesses in Massachusetts that are helping to build local, green, and fair economies. The SBN takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, and the Sustainable Business Leader Program covers seven key categories, including:

  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Pollution Prevention & Safe Alternatives
  • Transportation
  • Local Purchasing & Local Food
  • Sustainability Management

In 2018, The SBN recognized each of the following businesses for achievements in sustainability practices:

  • Sustainable Budding Small Business – Fresh Food Generation
  • Sustainable Seasoned Small Business – CERO Cooperative
  • Sustainable Seasoned Small Business – MEI MEI
  • Sustainable Mid-Sized Business – City Fresh Foods
  • Sustainable Large Business – Market Basket
  • Sustainable Small Business – Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill
  • Sustainable Small Business – Artisan Beverage Cooperative

Among the seven Massachusetts businesses SBN recognized is CERO Cooperative, an employee-owned commercial composting company based out of Dorchester. CERO provides food waste hauling services for a wide range of commercial clients in the Greater Boston area, transporting organics to local farms where they are composted and added to the soil, supporting the local agricultural economy. The Cooperative helps divert more than 100,000 pounds of food waste every week, while serving as a model for local job creation and wealth development.

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts has worked closely with CERO on several projects, including the development and implementation of a food scraps diversion program at America’s Food Basket Supermarkets (see the video and written case study). RecyclingWorks staff supported CERO and America’s Food Basket’s successful partnership by conducting site visits at different store locations, providing advice on collection equipment for food scraps diversion, and developing source separation training posters for employees. See the RecyclingWorks business sector guidance for recycling and food recovery information catered towards specific businesses and institutions. To speak to a recycling and food waste diversion expert, call our hotline: (888) 254-5525 or email us at