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This article from Cape Cod Online takes a look at how businesses on the cape are responding to the food waste ban. In a region like Cape Cod where all waste must be shipped elsewhere, the food waste ban is of special importance in that it will help to reduce the overall amount waste needing to be shipped as well as the overall cost of waste collection.

Note 1: The article describes the ban as applying to businesses which produce 1 ton or more of food waste per week. The actual language of the ban refers to the businesses which dispose of the waste. This means the Massachusetts ban is focused on the amount of food waste being sent for disposal, rather than how much is being generated.  The primary reason for this is that ban compliance is being enforced at the solid waste facility, rather than at individual business locations.

Note 2: Though some business owners expressed apprehension about storing food waste before collection, best management practices and RecyclingWorks guidance like our service provider database and technical assistance can effectively address all the concerns raised.