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Many Massachusetts food service businesses are working to reduce waste to help them cut costs, limit excess inventory, and comply with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s commercial organics waste ban. These efforts are more important than ever as business and institutions recalibrate in response to COVID-19 related closures and disruptions. The Boston Globe recently reported on Boston-based companies that help businesses track, donate, and divert food waste from disposal.

Phood Solutions is a technology platform that utilizes hardware such as scales and customizable software to track food waste in kitchens for hotels, restaurants, and more. The data is then used to help the business reduce food waste by recommending improved production and purchasing practices.

Another Boston startup, Spoiler Alert, hosts an online platform that connects food distributors and manufacturers to food rescue organizations, discount grocery outlets, and other groups. This allows businesses to sell or donate excess inventory instead of throwing it away. Food rescue organizations Lovin’ Spoonfuls and Food for Free offer similar opportunities for grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses to donate surplus edible food to soup kitchens, safe houses, and after-school programs.  

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