Refried Apparel

630 Belleville Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02745
Service Area: United States

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  • Drop Off Accepted: No
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    Refried Apparel is a sustainable apparel brand and solutions provider. We partner with retailers and brands to cycle unsalable/excess clothing and soft goods back into the marketplace. Our upcycling model is an alternative to closeout, donation, or waste as well as a profitable and sustainable business strategy. Refried’s circular process addresses the industrywide challenge of unsold/surplus inventory in a responsible manner. With our innovative upcycling and design methods, Refried transforms unsold clothing and soft goods into unique apparel and accessories avoiding landfills and reducing harmful carbon emissions from incinerators - a key factor in climate change. And with every Refried product we create, we’re conserving natural resources by extending the life of usable material and eliminating the environmental impact of traditional manufacturing processes.

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