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Johnny’s Luncheonette, an iconic Newton diner with robust recycling and food waste diversion programs, continues to push the envelope in sustainability.

The diner now offers a reusable takeout container program! Customers who choose to join the program can order menu items for takeout in containers that won’t end up in any waste, recycling, or composting bins, but rather be returned, thoroughly sanitized, and re-used in a continuous cycle.

Through a collaboration with Recirclable, Johnny’s Luncheonette now provides a selection of its breakfast and lunch menu items in easily recognizable green-hued reusable to-go containers. The containers are manufactured by Preserve and Ozzi, and are composed of readily available and recyclable BPA-free polypropylene (#5 Plastic). These containers can be used up to 1,000 times, and at their end-of-life, Preserve and Ozzi take the containers back to have them recycled. As evidenced, this initiative is helping to reduce both the disposal and purchasing of single-use takeout items.

Johnny’s Luncheonette remains committed to actively participating in and promoting eco-friendly practices. In addition to their commendable composting program, they are now part of a network of local restaurants with reusable takeout container programs, further enhancing their positive impact within the Newton community.

Here are extra details on how the program works in real-time, adapted from Green Newton’s recent article:

  1. Download the free Recirclable app and create an account.
  2. To order online: Open the Recirclable app on your phone, choose Johnny’s, and select Order. When placing your food order, choose reusables for each meal item. Recirclable bowls will then be automatically checked out to your account.
  3. To order in person: Scan the Recirclable borrow QR code at the restaurant.
  4. Restaurant staff will pack food in Recirclable containers.
  5. At pickup: Confirm your Recirclable borrow account with the cashier and collect your order.
  6. To return: Rinse and return your containers (within two weeks) to any participating Recirclable restaurant. Upon return, scan the Return QR code to confirm your return. Restaurants then clean and sanitize containers before reusing them.

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All photos are courteous of Recirclable.